Guest Post: 5 tips for grooming in the changing room

5 tips for grooming in the changing room

Grooming in the changing room is hard – I get it – but it doesn’t have to be. You might be faced with the usual obstacles such as cramped spaces, people getting in your way and a general lack of equipment, BUT there are things you can do to make grooming in a changing room feel just like home.

Let’s explore them.

Invest in a decent wash bag

Ideally, you want a wash bag that is waterproof, can hold your essentials without being too cumbersome and finally, that looks damn cool.

There are lots of options in terms of materials too – you’ve got canvas, leather, plastic, even tweed! It all depends on preference as most are waterproofed nowadays.

Personally, I love how classy leather wash bags look once they’ve been worn in for a few years – they will most likely last you for life too.

Get some travel sized products

Travel sized products are an absolute god send for the gym. You’re not going to want to lug a big bottle of moisturiser and beard balm with you every time you work out, are you?

Getting these smaller products allows you to save space in your bag whilst still getting a full grooming routine in post workout.

If you’re more into your beard oils rather than balms, waxes, etc you’ll be fine – these usually come in small tinctures anyway, the same goes for your comb (although investing in a thin comb is best if you want to avoid bringing a big ol’ brush with you), although other products such as shampoo and deodorant will require smaller models.

If you don’t want to buy travel sized products, opt for small plastic travel containers that you can siphon your essentials into – a great trick if you want to avoid buying new stuff all the time.

Don’t rely on gym soap

You simply cannot rely on gym soap. Not only is it poor quality – they may not even have any!

Plus, I wouldn’t like to think how many people have been using it…

By bringing your own, you can guarantee the quality of your soap – opt for as natural as you can as parabens in conventional products can be potentially harmful to testosterone. Personally, I love African black soap – it is fantastic at cleaning your body from head to toe and smells unbelievable.

Not to mention, it’s 100% natural.

Take a mirror

One thing is for sure when you enter a gym changing room – mirror space is going to come at a premium.

People will be flexing their pump, shaving, drying…it’s going to be hard to even catch a glimpse of yourself with all this reflection competition.

Avoid this stress and bring a compact mirror with you in your gym bag.

These cost next to nothing and are handy for all manner of grooming tasks. You use it for doing your hair, face, pits – everywhere! This will be one investment you won’t regret.

Don’t rush your normal routine

Whatever you do, don’t rush your routine. Just because there’s people around that may be stressing you out, there is no need to rush through everything.

Take your time and remind yourself why you’re doing what you’re doing. Why do you take the time every day to wash, shave, moisturise, deodorise, etc?

It’s a form of self respect and a form of good manners – don’t let anyone rush you through your process.

We’ve covered 5 comically simple tips there, but the results you will get will be far from laughable. Take these on board for your next gym trip and you’ll leave feeling like a million dollars.

Photo by Brett Jackson on Unsplash


Darren Mitchell is a Muay Thai enthusiast and writer for the BestMuayThai blog. Darren has trained Muay Thai for several years at gyms all over the world alongside some world-renowned fighters and coaches.

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