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I bought a new comb and I love it

The teeth are perfectly shaped

My good, old trusty comb was made of wood. I bought it in one of the super fancy barber shops in Zurich years ago and I always felt like “yeah, a real beardo needs a good comb in his toolbox”, even I used it pretty rarely.

Well. My good old wooden comb broke some weeks ago. And even I never used it, I felt like I need to get a new one to fill the gap. I started searching for a replacement, but as I had no real need, I just forgot about it.

Until yesterday. My barber Lukas just cashed me up when a nice comb on the desk drew my attention. I took it in my hand and I was enchanted. The feeling was so nice!

My new comb comes from Denmark

It was a comb handmade by a small company in Denmark from cattle horn. The gaps between the teeth were just perfect – not too tight, not too wide for my beard structure. Also its size was perfect for my hand and it also had a very balanced weight.

Long story short, after browsing a number of color variations – each comb is a unique handmade piece – I opted for this very dark flavor with a small white spot on one side. Nice.

Here are some pictures. I got mine at the Barber Paradox in Zurich for CHF 29.00, I guess you can also order yours straight at the manufacturers onlinestore.


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