6 Beard Growing Tips for Newbies

6 Beard growing tips for newbies

Nobody can figure everything out on their own, and we all stand on the shoulders of giants. If you want to grow a beard, and don’t know how, read my little compilation with the best beard growing tips and stand on the beards of giants who have gone before you.

1 – Eat Your Vitamins, Brother

A lack of vitamins and minerals will stunt your body’s ability to produce testosterone. Since testosterone is a major player in hair production, it makes sense to maximise your testosterone production by keeping your body nourished with all the right nutrients.

Zinc, magnesium and vitamin D are essential for proper testosterone production. Multi-vitamins are a useful supplementation tool, but be aware that nutrients gained from real food sources are much more preferable to getting them from a pill.

Sources of Vitamin D: Fatty fish, Sunshine, Fish Oils, Eggs.

Sources of Zinc: Oysters, Red Meat, Spinach, Liver.

Sources of Magnesium: Nuts (Almonds, Brazil, Cashews), Black Beans, Whole Wheat, Spinach.

So, if you want to get your beard sorted out, sort out your diet first. Check my guest post published on highstylife as well!

2 – Stay Moisturized

Moisturizing your face on a daily basis will create a good foundation for hair growth to occur. Dry skin will result in premature ageing, and will stunt the growth of your beard.

There are any number of healthy, natural oils that are excellent moisturizers. Olive oil, castor oil, coconut oil, avocado oil… These are all good choices. I recommend a combination of castor oil and coconut oil. Apply the coconut oil to your face first, and then follow it up with an application of castor oil. The thicker castor oil locks in the lighter coconut, and they work in combination to keep your skin moisturized for the entire day.

3 – Exercise Regularly

Exercise boosts testosterone – so exercise. Certain exercises are better than others for T-production. Squats are probably the best choice, but anything which works the full body can be just as efficient.

4 – Sleep and Rest Well

While people differ in their sleep needs, medical practitioners recommend 6-8 hours of sleep a night. This time is used by your body to repair, replenish and grow its cells. This growth applies to hair too.

Healthy sleep is also an effective stress reducer. High stress levels weaken your immune system, and this also leads to stunted growth.

5 – If You Smoke, Stop!

Well, this one is the of all best beard growing tips I guess! At this stage, everyone already knows smoking is bad for you. But, bad in what ways? Well, apart from the obvious lung-associated problems that smoking presents, it also depletes your body’s mineral stores.

By depleting B-vitamins, your body’s ability to produce melanin is severely reduced. Since melanin is responsible for your hair colour, smoking will lead to greyer hairs sooner. Also, the increased stress that smoking puts on your blood vessels and capillaries means less oxygen and nutrients will reach your hair-roots.

6 – Testosterone Supplements?

Try this at your own risk. Online sales of testosterone supplements spike enormously whenever ‘Movember’ comes around, as everyone races to get a good beard or ‘tache fast.

This will only really result in more hair growth is your T-levels were already depleted in the first place.

So, you guys have some more beard growing tips? Let us know in the comments section!







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