OAK beard brush – Review and opinion

Oak beard brush review

A few years ago I bought a super expensive, Japanese beard brush at my barber shop in Zurich. It had a superb quality and I used it every day. But suddenly I forgot it on a table at the gym, which was a big loss for me.

But well, a beardo needs a good brush for his baby and so I opted for a brush I found at Ali Express. Yep, that’s true – Ali. They offer millions of super cheap brushes for just a few bucks. But I purchased one of the upperclass models for only USD 8 or so, incl. shipping from China.

This was the cheap China brush
This was the cheap China brush

When it arrived (after 3 weeks of waiting …) the big dissappointment – to the contrary of the product description, I couldn’t use it for brushing my beard! It just seemed to be a simple brush that’s made for cleaning shoes or so, but not for brushing my beard. The Bristles were ways to soft and thin, absolutely shitty and not worth one single Euro. Bummer.

I know, Ali Express and shit, but I just wanted to give it a try LOL So, I googled and finally stumbled over the OAK beard brush.

OAK is known for their high quality range of natural grooming products. I’m using their all natural beard balm since a while, and now I also own one of their beard brushes as well. This article gives you a little review of this nice product.

Packaging of the OAK beard brush

Package of the OAK beard brush
Package of the OAK beard brush

The OAK beard brush comes in that typical red/white patterned OAK designed carton tube. Inside it’s wrapped in an addtional layer of black silk paper.

Package of the OAK beard brush
Package of the OAK beard brush

It looks hand crafted and makes a nice gift for beardos, I’d say.

Form factor

While my first brush and the cheap one from Ali Express came both in a long shape with a handle, the OAK brush is oval shaped and is hold in the palm of your hand.

The OAK beard brush has a compact size and a nice oval shape
The OAK beard brush has a compact size and a nice oval shape

Because of this compact oval shape, I found it very easy to use the OAK brush on the different parts of my beard,  especially on thin areas like the moustache.

Quality of the OAK beard brush

The OAK brush has a superb quality
The OAK brush has a superb quality

The boar bristles are bundled, and the gaps between those swatches are big and small enough at once. It’ll let your beard hair glide through with ease and remove skin scales and hairs with ease.

The bristles are able to keep and release moisture, which helps to prevent your beard from drying out.

I think the overall quality of this brush is as you can expect superb! I’m using the brush every day since 2 month now. It rarely  looses bristles and it’s easy to clean with a comb (which I do once a month).


The bristles are pretty hard, so I’d recommend it for longer beards only. For short beards, choose the soft brush OAK offers as well. If you push the brush against your skin, it will stimulate the important sebum production (which is a natural protection layer around your beard hairs).


The OAK beard brush is available at the official OAK online store for EUR 24.50, I paid round about CHF 30.00 for it. For the given quality, it’s a fair price. As far as I don’t loose this brush again, I’m sure it will be my compagnon for a long time.

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  1. Thanks for the review! I’ve been wanting to add a brush to my grooming routine, but have been putting it off because the brush product reviews Amazon seem to bit hit and miss.

  2. Hello MBeardo.Thx for your feedback. Yes, Amazon Reviews are not very reliable. Hope my little OAK Brush reviews made your decision a success. Best, Mat

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