Review: Macho Leave In Beard Conditioner

Macho Leave in Beard Conditioner

I reviewed the “Billy Jealousy Beard Control” conditioner some weeks ago. It is a helpful and popular product, but contains some pretty uncool ingredients. So I’m still looking for an alternative, similar product like this and got my hands on the “Macho Leave In Beard Conditioner”. Let’s see if it makes a good replacement.

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What is Macho Leave in Beard Conditioner?

“In less than a minute you will feel how your beard reaches a new dimension.” Wow, That’s a promise! The first thing i notice, is that this product seems to target a different goal: it is mainly developed to repair damaged beard hair.

The “Steve Leave-In” is a dry conditioner that will repair your beard in a minute, that’s what they promise. Perfect to treat split-ends, regenerate cuticles and repair and nourish damaged hair – Well, that’s not what I expected, but still, I am curious if my beard reaches that new dimension. (If you ask yourself why I bought a product that doesn’t match my expectations: I got this as a gift).

Macho Leave in Beard Conditioner
Macho Leave in Beard Conditioner


Conditioners are made to soften hairs, and to do that, they are often made with silicones to get this effect. Macho beard company promises now that their product was made with a unique formular with natural ingredients only and I can prove this.

100% Natural Ingredients, Not tested on animals, 0% Parabens, 0% Colorants 0% PEG, 0% Silicones, I checked the list of ingredients and didn’t find any of these. Pretty nice. Here’s the full list of ingredients:

Behentrimonium Chloride, Myristyl Alcohol, Cetrimonium Chloride, Queratina, Biotina, Pantenol, Lavanda, Limon, Tomillo, Macho Formula

Product quality

Macho Leave in Beard Conditioner Bottle
Macho Leave in Beard Conditioner Bottle

The conditioner comes in a bottle of 150 ml. There is no dispenser or something, you need to turn the bottle upside down to get it fully empty. But it has a consistence like a pudding. That makes it easy to use.

Thick consistence like a creme
Thick consistence like a creme


The smell is fresh, it includes lemon and lavender notes. It’s not strong and vanishes after a short time. I like that.


To use it, just put a little conditioner into your palm. Gently massage your beard in and out to moisturize it all. Leave it work for a minute, and go on with your regular styling. The maker recommends a daily usage which I didn’t test.


There’s no silicone or PEG in this product, but there’s also no beard softening effect that you’d expect from a conditioner. I used it a couple of times after swimming and it gave the beard a little healthier feeling. But I get this with just beard oil as well.


The company sells 150 ml of the beard conditioner for roundabout 30 Euro. That’s not cheap but a fair price – it comes from a small spanish company, I understand they can’t produce natural stuff for few Euros. But still the price tag seems a bit too high for the expected result.

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