Henna Beard Dying The Organic Way

Henna Beard Dying

Some time ago, I posted a review of the “Just for Men” beard color. While this might be an easy way to get a gray beard brown again, it’s a risky way too. The chemicals can cause allergic reactions. But there’s a natural way: Henna beard dying. 

Black, bushy beards are held in the highest esteem in our society, and for good reason. Black hair in a beard is a sign of a man’s youth, health and virility.

However, not everyone receives the same ticket in the genetic lottery. Since history was recorded, men have been trying to figure out ways to cheat their genetics. The simplest method of defeating the genetic lottery, and giving yourself the appearance of more youth and vigour than you may
otherwise have, is to dye your hair.

Of course, this applies to beards, as well as the hair on your head. The emergence of commercial dye products in recent years presents an easy, affordable way of dying your beard, but these products come with a host of synthetic additives and chemicals which may not benefit you in the long run.

Henna is an all-natural dye that has been used for literally thousands of years. Fossils dating back 2,000 years have shown ancient human beings with henna dye in their hair. To this day, henna remains one of the only natural ways of reliably dying your hair.

Risks of Henna Beard Dying

Well, just because it’s natural doesn’t mean it won’t come with risks. Like every substance in the world, some may find it to be an irritant to their skin or scalp. For this reason it is advisable to test whatever hair-dye product you’re going to use before you apply it to your beard.

To test it, just rub some of the product on a part of your body hidden by clothing. If you haven’t experienced any irritation after 24-hours, then the product should be alright for you.

Another risk of Henna beard dying is its potential for dying the skin. We’ve all seen henna tattoos, so you should know what to expect. The application process for henna involves covering the exposed sections of skin on your face with Vaseline. This stops the henna from spreading and being absorbed
by the naked skin.

Nice Ginger colored beard
Nice Ginger colored beard

Effectiveness of Henna

First of all, henna comes with several benefits over synthetic, commercial products:

  • Safe and non-toxic
  • Suitable for use on every different hair-type
  • Doesn’t dull your hair’s natural shine like synthetic products
  • Every application lasts weeks, not days
  • But everything has a downside, right? So what about henna’s weaknesses
  • Potentially messy application
  • Requires Vaseline to shield naked skin from being dyed
  • Often requires Indigo to achieve a dark brown colour
  • Dyes red on its own and must be combined with other dyes

Henna isn’t some miracle substance that will solve all your colour problems on its own. However, time, knowledge and a little dedication can make it a useful, natural alternative to chemical-laden products.

How to use Henna

Disclaimer: the use of the following directions is on you own risc! Everyone will have their own preferred techniques when it comes to beard dying. With henna there are a couple of basics to keep in mind:

  1. Use Vaseline to mask the parts of your face you don’t want henna on.
  2. Mix two-parts henna powder with one-part water to produce a paste.
  3. Generously cover your beard with this paste. Lay it on thick.
  4. Wait for an hour before rinsing.
  5. If you want to use Indigo or Chamomile to achieve different tones, apply this dye after applying the henna.

Additional information about this topics can you read here

Have you ever dyed your beard with Henna? Let us know in the comments!

Photos: Toa Heftiba on Unsplash.


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