5 Signs your Boyfriend Is a Bearded Hipster

5 Signs your Boyfriend is a hipster

There’s an issue that we need to discuss. The hipster trend has always been unique and different, but now that everyone seems to be following that trend – you know, plaid shirts, hipster glasses, 1930s hairstyles – is that really hipster fashion then? Fear not! The hipster trend has been upgraded!

There are now other things that characterize a hipster. So, yes, even though you thought you weren’t dating a hipster because he doesn’t have a Le Petit Prince tattoo or a nose ring, it’s time to think again. To make this task easier for you, we chose a couple of signs that show that your boyfriend is, indeed, a hipster.

1. Obviously, he grows facial hair

A hipster obviously grows facial hair
A hipster obviously grows facial hair

The article is titled ’’5 Signs Your Boyfriend Is a Bearded Hipster’’, so basically, the beard plays a huge role in this one. The majority of hipsters nowadays grow beards, circa 70% of them. However, regardless of the beard being too long or short, at least 86% of them all try to rock an unstyled mustache. So if your guy has a ’stache that he doesn’t style like the rest of his beard – yes, you’re dating a hipster. If you thought “oh, but my boyfriend trims his beard”, we have an answer to that as well – 82% of hipsters trim their beards.

2. He dresses in his grandpa’s clothes

Take a look at his closet, and try to find pieces of clothing that your dad or granddad would wear. Did you find more than expected? Congratulations, your boy is a hipster! Vintage has always been one of the most popular hipster trends, and this hasn’t changed. However, different vintage styles are trendy now, not only the 1950s or 1960s fashion. Perhaps you’ll see your guy wearing his father’s sweatshirt from two decades ago – the result is the same. Moreover, the cult of hipsters loves to spice up their vintage style by adding something totally futuristic and rebellious. That is why everyone whose boyfriend loves mixing old clothes with septum rings and tattoo sleeves should know that they’re dating a hipster. Not to scare you off, but there’s a possibility that he’s the hipsterish kind of hipster.

3. No cars policy

There’s a superstition that every time you see a hipster in a car you need to look at the sky and make a wish, because these things happen very, very rarely. That is because they turn to new means of transport, such as longboards and skateboards. So, choosing to purchase 32 inch cruiser skateboard online, makes them even more cool. Others, however, tend to choose the more old-fashioned solutions, so they rock their bikes regardless of the weather outside. Of course, the extra equipment for each of the means of transport comes in the package, so make sure you know what to look for in his apartment if you want to know if he’s a hipster or not.

4. Craft beer more than champagne

Craft beer more than champagne
Craft beer more than champagne

Finally, hipsters love craft beer. They love it more than any other drink, be sure of that. Take him to dinner and see if he chooses a place that has craft beer (and orders it). They simply love drinking this, and more importantly, they love to talk about it. If he’s a connoisseur of craft beer and you don’t understand a single word from the craft beer conversation, know that you’re dating a hipster.

5. He’s familiar with avocados

Let’s do a test – ask him what his favorite fruit is. If he says “avocado”, there’s nothing else you can do. Maybe it’s too late. Hipsters simply adore this flavorless fruit (which is, to be honest, very healthy), and they tend to mix it with literally everything – they make smoothies out of it, they put it in their risotto, on their pizzas. There might be a chance that he posts everything avocado on Instagram under #LivingHealthy. We’re not sure if this is the case with your boyfriend or not, we just wanted to give you a heads up in case this happens.

To sum up – your guy has a beard, wears vintage clothes, love riding a bicycle, loves eating avocado while drinking craft beer, yes, you’re a winner. You’re dating a bearded hipster. But we love them – they are different and very unique, and kudos to that. What would the world be without hipsters?

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