Daily beard care for a perfect beard

My daily beard care routine

I’m posting videos of my daily grooming from time to time. But running a blog is constant learning! I get to know new products, techniques and understandings. Thus I want to give you a little update about my daily beard care routine. You should also check my grooming toolbox page which is a current list of my equipment.

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1 Beard Wash

Normally I take a shower after waking up, so the first thing I do is a good beard wash or I just rinse it with water Don’t use beard wash more than twice a week – check my beard wash tutorial to get more information about it.

2 Dry

Then, i gently dab the beard with a towel. I don’t rub hard, because it could damage and confuse the hairs. Just get it roughly dry.

3 Beard Oil

Applying some beard oil
Applying some beard oil

Beard Oil is the most important product for each daily beard care routine! It takes care of itching, dandruff and dry hair. After putting aside the towel, I take a good amount of beard oil and rub it into the beard. I then do something else until I go ahead with the grooming procedure. This way, the Oil is completely soaked into the beard and it gets shiny.

4 Straight the beard

I use a round brush for beard straightening
I use a round brush for beard straightening

To get my beard straight, I’m using a beard conditioner. It not only makes it easy to brush through the hair, it also gives hold. The one in the video comes from “Billy Jealousy“. It’s not my favorite product, but I was using it for a review while producing the material for this video. I take an average and work it into the beard.

After this, I take my round brush, screw the waves of my beard against the growths direction and start blow drying with hot air (not too hot). Check this video about this technique.

5 Beard Balm

I finally take a little amount of beard balm to get some extra shine on top of the whole daily beard care procedure.

Developing your own daily beard care routine

This is my grooming setup. To find your own, just keep these steps in mind:

  • Wash your beard max. twice a week with a good (natural) beard wash.
  • Use beard oil daily
  • Use beard balm before you go out
  • Brush you beard daily

And that’s my personal daily beard care routine which I run most likely every morning. I need around 5 minutes (without washing the beard).

What’s your daily beard care routine? Leave your comments below. 


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