Hands on C3 Head Wash from Cranium Care

I got my hands on a pretty off-topic product for people with bald or shaved heads: C3 Head Wash from Comprehensive Cranium Care. Let’s see what it’s about!


C3 Comprehensive Cranium Care asked me to write a little story about my bald head a while ago. They wanted to publish it on their Instagram account. As a little thank-you gift, they offered to send me a bottle of their fragrance free head wash and because I didn’t even know about the existence of those products, I agreed.

What is C3 Head Wash

C3 Head Wash Bottle
C3 Head Wash is designed to clean your entire dome – head, face, neck and beard (which makes it interesting for us). It hydrates the skin and it gives a refreshed and replenished feeling afterwards. C3 claims that it’s entirely different from shampoo.


C3 Head Wash Dispenser
The wash is a foam. Rinse skin with water, foam it up on your head and wash away. I had a chat with one of their guys on Instagram and they said that customers start using it instead of their regular shampoo after a week or so. But to be honest, I don’t see it as a replacement for my beard wash 🙂 But maybe I have to use it some more often to get it. 


C3 Head Wash Bottle Backside
Their marketing focuses on the formula which is free from harsh additives and foaming agents. I like that they explain the ingredients in detail and what they are used for. Here’s the full list (taken from their website):

Purified water: It’s… well, it’s water – the universal solvent.

Myristamidopropyl PG-Dimonium Chloride Phosphate:
A mild skin conditioner, designed to mimic the molecules that make up your skin’s cell walls* by transporting and balancing the oils on your skin’s surface. So mild to skin and eyes, it’s suitable for baby and sensitive skin applications. This is what helps C3 Head Wash keep your scalp soft and smooth, without dryness or irritation. Side benefit – this ingredient provides remarkable antimicrobial and preservative boosting effects, so there are no additional preservatives needed. Yay!

Naturally derived from corn sugar, this ingredient helps balance the skin’s pH, and pumps moisture into your skin. Other products opt for Propylene Glycol a.k.a. Anti-Freeze. Corn-derived Propanediol uses up to 35% less non- renewable energy than chemically-derived Propylene Glycol. That makes it better for you and the environment.

PPG-2 hydroxyethyl cocamide (Promidiumâ„¢ CO)
Helps C3 maintain its foam without using traditional foaming agents, and boosts cleansing. A plant-based emulsifier naturally derived from coconuts, it doesn’t persist in the environment, so your local rivers and lakes are healthy for fish, plants, animals, and people.

Note: PPG is on the list of micro plastics, but PPG-2 is completely decomposed and doesn’t persist in the environment. It’s still suspected to make the skin permeable for pollutants. Thus I decrease the standard 4-star rating in the category “plastics” by 1 star.


200 ml are priced at 19 Dollar on the C3 webshop, that’s OK. They also offer a fragranced version for the same price and 1 Dollar per sold product goes to a charity project (in the States). Nice move.


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