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Grow a beard faster – some helpful tips

A faster beard growth with these helpful tips

Some guys are blessed with super-fast and thick growing facial hair. Congrats, I’m jealous. And a lot of other guys too. Mini stubbles, patchy whiskers, slow growth – that’s the reality. The beard growth is set by genetics so I can’t promise you a miracle to happen. But there are some tricks you can try to maximize fullness and grow a beard faster.

In a nutshell: Do sports, sleep long. eat healthy and live healthy.

Body & Mind

Healthy Living for a better beard growth
Healthy Living for a better beard growth
Reduce stress

Stress makes a lot of processes harder for your body. And hair growth is one of them. Stress can result in hair loss and patches. Try to be relaxed! When you put stress in a healthy balance, it will support to grow a beard faster

Rest enough

Sleep is important for a number of body functions, like retreating the defense system. But it’s also important for hair growth! Sleep will help the damaged skin cells to repair themselves. This has direct impact on the beard growth.

Exercise frequently

To manage stress, try exercising. It improves blood circulation to the face which leads to a better hair growth. Sports also reduces stress (read above).

Skin care

Wash your face frequently
Wash your face frequently to grow a beard faster
Exfoliate the face skin

Removing dead skin cells from time to time. That will create a good base for new hair growth stimulation. You can try an exfoliation mask, a face scrub (not recommended for sensitive skin) or a Hot Oil Beard Treatment. The mask is applied on your face, left typically for 20-30 minutes and then rinsed of.

Clean skin

Wash your face with warm water and a sensitive cleanser in the morning and before going to bed. It encourages small hairs to grow. Read this post about the importance of a clean face skin. (LINK)

Keep it moist

Use a cream or moisturizer with eucalyptus. Eucalyptus is useful in helping hair grow more quickly on your face.

Healthy food

Eat healthy food to promote better beard growth
Eat healthy food to promote better beard growth

There are some minerals and vitamins supporting beard and hair growth. First, Biotin is important for a faster hair growth, so you should eat at least 2,5 mg each day. You can either buy supplements from your drugstore, or just try to eat some more healthy. This breakfast is a good example about beard friendly, healthy and Biotin rich food.

Vitamin B

Also important is the family of B Vitamins (B1. B6, B12). These are all very useful in helping hair grow quickly. B Vitamins are covered by the power breakfast I mentioned before as well.


Also Protein can take a positive effect on beard growth. It can be found in meat, eggs and nuts.

Fruits and vegetables

Last but not least – eat fruits and more vegetables! They provide the mentioned minerals and vitamins for a proper hair and beard growth. And hair can’t grow without nutrients in the body.

All this can help to grow a beard faster. What are your experiences?


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