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Beard parts explained in detail

Parts of the beard

Last week, I posted a tutorial about how to grow a beard in 6 months. At a certain point in this process, it’s time to visit your barber. And it’s very advantageous to know the jargon talk. Watch this little addon to the tutorial which explains the different beard parts in detail.

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Beard parts: the sideburn
Beard parts: the sideburn

This is the higher part of your face forrest that grows in front of the ears. The sideburns connect the main hair on the scalp with the rest of the beard or, like in my case, it just fades out to a bald head.

Cheek line

Beard parts: the cheek line
Beard parts: the cheek line

This defines the upper limit of the beard on the cheeks. The cheek line may be defined by trimming or shaving or it may be defined naturally. Oftenly, this line is built naturally and you just need to remove remove some single hairs to get a clean line.


Beard parts: the mustache
Beard parts: the mustache

The beard part that grows above the upper lip.


Beard parts: the side
Beard parts: the side

The area of facial hair that grows on the cheeks. It connects the sideburns with the mustache and the front of the beard.


Beard parts: the front
Beard parts: the front

As the name indicates, this part of the beard grows below the lower lip on the front of the chin.

Neck line

Beard parts: the neck line
Part of the beard: the neck line

The line defining the lower limit of the beard along the neck. The neck line may also be defined by shaving or naturally. The neck line is pretty important for a proper beard shape, I will make another video about this matter soon.

Alright? So, next time you go to your barber of trust, you know the Terminology of beards and how to explain your needs.


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  1. Dave Preston

    I just found this bc my brother and I were discussing the parts of the beard and we were unclear as to the taxonomy.

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