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5 tips for a healthy skin under your beard

It’s not only important to keep your beard clean and well groomed. Also the skin under your beard needs frequent treatment to avoid irritations and dandruff. Read the following tips for a healthy skin under the beard and in your face!

Clean skin – healthy skin

This is an important one! Because beards can attract loads of dirt, dust and crumbs. Carefully wash your face twice a day to keep it clean and get rid of dirt and oil. This avoids clogging pores and causing dandruff.

  • choose a natural cleanser, eventually a special one for guys with beards. They are made to clean the face and moist your beard at once. You can consider a simple cleanser plus a dedicated beard wash.
  • clean the beard twice a week with a beard wash, not more, and the other times you take a shower just clean it with clear water. Watch my beard washing tutorial to learn more about this matter.

Sports or other activities? Take a shower!

Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash
Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

As said above, your beard magically attracts sweat, dirt and oil. So, If you’re a very active guy, you should take a shower afterwards to keep bacteria away. Taking a shower after sports is not only good for a healthy skin, it also lets your beard look healthier and well groomed.

  • you can use the same cleanser after activities that you use for your daily cleaning routine.
  • take a towel and patt face skin and beard dry. You should not rub! It could irritate your skin.

Brush your beard daily

A good beard brush
A good beard brush

Buy a good brush and use it twice a day after you washed your face (and in between). Brushing can exfoliate skin and clear out tangles. It also spreads the natural Sebum of your facial skin and protects the beard with a natural protection layer.

  • use the brush when the beard is still a bit wet
  • make sure that the brush is always clean as a lot of hair and dirt gets attracted by the brush stubbles which can cause allergics

Exfoliate your face skin regulary

Dead skin that’s not being removed can lead to dandruff. Remove it biweekly by exfoliate the skin!

  • I don’t recommend synthetic exfoliator products. Use a damp and soft washcloth to wipe your face if you don’t have or want to use an exfoliator. This will naturally and gently exfoliate your skin.

Keep your skin and beard moisturized

Looks a bit stupid, but it works
Looks a bit stupid, but it works

A dry beard loses shininess and looks dull. To avoid this, moisturize it very day – both skin and beard!

  • use a good beard oil to keep your beard moist, Argan base oil is know for its moisturizing effects. You can also mix a simple oil yourself and keep it natural.
  • choose a skin-type specific moisturizer to use all over your face. You can easily find products for oily, combination, dry, and normal skin types
  • pro tip: try the Hot Oil Beard Treatment! This procedure locks in the oil into your beard and keeps it soft and moist for a long time. Plus the hot steam cleans the skin under the beard very gently.

Use products on a natural basis

These days, the cosmetic industry offers a lot of products with chemical preservatives, micro plastics and other substances that are not only bad for our nature, but also not good to keep a healthy skin.

Sure, the little amounts in each single product itself is not higher than allowed by the law, but using a couple of them combined may result in a cumulated significant high total amount.

Keep your skin and beard healthy, choose whenever possible natural products. Read this blogpost about products I reviewed, containing critical substances.

How do you keep your skin under the beard healthy? Let us know in the comments below!


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