Grow a beard in 6 months

How to grow a beard

Thinking about growing a beard? Or did you just start to grow one? In both cases, every guy needs some advice! I curated some of the best tips for you guys into this article about the stages to grow a beard.

Week 1

How to grow a beard week 1
How to grow a beard week 1

Welcome to the “grow a beard” show! You decided to grow a beard and just stopped shaving, great. Week No.1 might be the easiest for you as nothing really happens. But after the first days passed, your beard might start itching a bit. Don’t care! I will repeat the following magic words over and over again: be patient! And start using some beard oil to keep both stubbles and beard moist. But don’t use too much – there’s no real beard to soak the oil yet.

Week 2-3

How to grow a beard week 2-3
How to grow a beard week 2-3

Now it gets interesting! You’re leaving the entry stage and entering the stubbles phase. It’s the stage of beard growth that so many ladies and gents are completely into. Enjoy the calm before the storm 🙂 It’s going to change soon. In this phase, you will also get a first idea of what your beard will look like.

Week 4-8

How to grow a beard week 4-8
How to grow a beard week 4-8

You’re still in the growing phase. Resist the urge to trim! Because now you will notice patches and people will ask over and over again when you’re going to shave. But always remember the magic two words: Be patient!

Now the beard will form more and more and you can start thinking about the final style. Start combing your beard daily! Buy a simple comb or treat yourself with a luxury one. You should also start to use grooming products, because poor beard maintenance leads to dandruff, split ends, and dry facial skin. Pro tip: put this phase into your holidays.

Month 2-3

How to grow a beard month 2-3
How to grow a beard month 2-3

Congratulations! You successfully passed the “grow a beard” challenge and resisted shaving and trimming. The patches will be filling in slowly, and and the end of this phase you should finally make an appointment at the barber of your trust. He will give you advice how to go on with your beard and give it a first face matching trim. The barber also knows where to set the neckline and contures. But be careful and don’t let him ruin the entire work of the past 3 months!

In this stage, you should consider using a beard balm or wax to keep the longer getting beard styled and in shape.

Months 4-5

You may reach the final shape of your beard now. Even it seems the beard grows slower now, just keep it growing. You can either choose to let your barber clean it up from time to time. Or you start learning to do it yourself with the help of blogs like mine.

I would recommend a combination of both! Once a month, you let your barber trim the beard, and once a week you do the basic clean up and moustache trimming. You will need some basic tools like a clipper to do so. 

From month 6 and ongoing

Congrats! You did it. Beside the patience you showed to the world, you also successfully established a statement which you can be proud of. Be sure to use beard wash and beard oil regulary to keep your facial hair soft, shiny and groomed. To support a healthy beard growth, you should also add some super food to your meal plans!

Did you grow a beard yourself? What are your experiences? Let us know in the comments section below!


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