Grizzly Adam Travel Friendly Gift Set Hands On

Grizzly Adam Travel Gift Set

If you’re following my blog and my video shows, you know that I’m a big fan of natural cosmetics and grooming products. That’s why I think that the Grizzly Adam Travel Friendly Gift Set could be a nice addition to your travel luggage – without plastics and other chemical ingredients.

What the video

What you get

The Travel Set comes in a handy box which makes it a nice gift for every beardo, and, you guess it, the item sizes are optimized for travelling with hand luggage only. I really appreciate the list of ingredients on the backside, it’s really easy to read! Not obvious, because many companies don’t want you to know in detail what’s inside their products.

The set consists of 30 ml Premium Beard Oil, 30 ml Beard Wash and 60 ml Beard Balm. The bottles have a handy dispenser that makes them a joy to use. All products have a fresh, lemon, citric scent which is nice but not special. Typically, these scents vanish very fast after applying on the beard.

Price of the Grizzly Adam Travel Friendly Gift Set

Grizzly Adam sells the Travel Friendly Set for a regular price of 35 GBP (46 CHF). At the moment they offer a limited discounted price of 25 GBP. Of course, you pay some extra money for the travel convenience. The company offers other bundles with identical products for the money as well.

The Grizzly Adam Travel Friendly Gift Set is a new product and available at They offer shipping across the UK and Europe, plus US delivery options.

Watch out for my complete review as soon as I tested these natural grooming products!

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