Chlorined pool water- How to protect your beard

Chlorined pool water can damage your berard

I go swimming once a week, during summer even more often. It’s so refreshing! And a good way to stay in shape (well …). But not for my beard! How to deal with the chlorined pool water? It can hardly damage your beard and takes away the shininess. Here are my best tips.

The problem: Chlorined pool water

The problem with swimming pools is the Chlorine that’s added to the water. It not only destroys bacteria from the people in the pool. It also destroys the natural Sebum that covers your beard. What does this mean?

I wrote about this matter a couple of times: Sebum (or “Tallow”) is naturally produced by the skin. It builds a protective layer around the beard hairs, plus it gives flexibility and shine to the beard.

Losing the natural Sebum means, the beard gets dry and loses shininess. In addition, the Chlorine can crystallize inside the hair, resulting in splissed and weak hair.

How to protect your beard from chlorined pool water

You can do some little preparation before and after the swim.

First, that’s what I do, is to wet your beard before start swimming with normal water. I take a shower each time before entering the pool, so my beard is already wet. The hair gets soaked with the water which works like a protection shield against the Chlorine. Because it got “filled” and can’t soak chlorined water anymore.

After the swim, use a good and rich beard wash. I have a little travel-sized tube that’s always in my bag.

Use a beard wash: Depot - The Male Tools & Co. product range
Use a beard wash: Depot – The Male Tools & Co. product range

And finally, the secret weapon that’s good for all beard matters, is the good old beard oil. I take a big (!) drop, far more than regular. I also noticed that a weekly Hot Beard Oil Treatment can help to protect the beard against the Chlorine as well.

How do you deal with pool water? Let me know in the comments below!

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