How to get a super soft beard with hot oil

Get a super soft beard with hot oil

Do you have a dry or splissed beard? I gonna show you a way how to get it fixed and make a super soft beard – with just half an hour of time, your favorite beard oil and a bowl of hot water! Even your beard looks already great – try this method and you’ll be surprised about the result of the Hot Beard Oil Treatment.

The video

What you need to get a soft beard

You need 30 minutes of your precious time, your favorite beard oil (or selfmade oil), a bowl with hot water, 3 towels, and beer or wine for the relaxation afterwards. I gonna take the wine šŸ˜€

Blackbeards Merlin Beard Oil
Blackbeards Merlin Beard Oil
You also need 3 towels
You also need 3 towels
And a big bowl with hot water
And a big bowl with hot water


This is my beard before the following procedure. I have been to the gym and didn’t wash it properly, so it looked a bit messy and scruffy. 

My beard before the treatment
My beard before the treatment

The procedure

Start by washing your beard first. The beard should be completely clean of remaining balm or wax products.

Take a generous (!) amount of your beard oil and massage it into the beard.

Then, fill the bowl with hot water. It should be really hot but just enough that you’re not going to be insured. It must be warm enough that your face skin can deal with it. 

You work with 2 towels at once – one will be wrapped around your beard, the second stays in the bowl. Take the wet towel out of the bowl and wring it out. Put the second towel into the bowl. The towel should be still wet, but not dropping of water.

Looks a bit stupid, but it works
Looks a bit stupid, but it works

Wrap the wet and hot towel around your beard. Leave the nose free so you can breathe with ease. It looks kinda stupid, but don’t worry šŸ™‚ as long as you don’t make a public video from it, you’ll be fine.

Each time the towel on your beard gets cold after some minutes, replace it with the second warm towel that’s still sitting in the bowl and put the cold towel back into the water. Repeat this for about 30 Minutes.

At least, and this is important, rinse your beard with ice cold water. Through the cold, the beard scales are going lay and enclose the beard oil.

Pat the beard dry and enjoy your glass of wine (or beer) and get relaxed šŸ˜€

The result is a soft beard

Before and after shot
Before and after shot

This is a before / after shot. Nice, isn’t it? The original recipe is from (German). You can repeat the procedure as often as you want, but my experience is, bi-weekly is enough.

Now, make your own Hot beard Oil Treatment and let me know about your experiences in the comments below!


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  1. I have beard but its only like french style i want it like what can i do

  2. Hey Rajon, Iā€™m actually not sure what you mean with French style šŸ™‚ can you send a picture to Matthias (at) I gonna check it

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  5. Thank you for giving hot oil to make a soft beard.

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