The beard wash tutorial – beard cleaning the right way

Do your own beard wash with these 3 recipes

Time for a new explanation video. Today: how to do your beard wash the right way and with ease. Because I noticed that loads of guys still wash their beard with shower gel or water only. Which leads me to the initial question:

1. Why is a frequent beard wash so important? 

Of course, you want a fresh, groomed beard that stays in a healthy condition and looks shiny. 

Regular washing can help you with that. It not only removes dirt and remains of grooming products. It also cleans the skin underneath the beard.

2. Watch the video

3. The beard wash frequency

The answer is simple. Everytime you take a shower, you simply wash out your beard with clean water. And every 3-4 days, you use a dedicated additional beard wash.

Why only once or twice a week? If you use too much beard wash or soap, the natural protection of the hair (“tallow”) is being washed away and the beard dries out.

4. The beard wash products

Brisk Beard wash
Brisk Beard wash

There are different opinions and options. For me, it’s a wise decision to use a dedicated beard wash shampoo.

Because facial hair has a little different structure than main hair. And they are much thicker. 

When you’re going to choose one, you should check the list of ingredients and avoid products containing micro plastics, Silicone or Parabene. I will publish a table with those ingredients and reviewed products containing them soon and link it here. Subscribe to my newsletter to get informed when it’s available!

Beard washes are available at a wide range of prices, but in general they tend to cost a little more than regular shampoos.

A cheaper option is to use a baby shampoo, it’s mild and has the same effect, but your face Forrest might smell like a baby butt after washing 🙂 

5. The beard wash itself

It’s a good idea to shampoo your beard while taking a shower. But you can also wash it over the sink.

First, moist the beard completely. Then, depending on the length of your beard, take a little amount of the beard wash in your hand and foam it up with some water. 

Shampoo the beard and let it stay in the beard for a minute or so.

Then wash out with warm water until it stays clear. 

6. Dry the beard

Carefully dry with a hairdryer
Carefully dry with a hairdryer

There are basically 2 ways now to get your beard dry. Straight after the beard wash, rub your facial hair dry with a towel. 

If you then want to let the rest dry just by air, rub a bit more but not too dry – this will keep in some moist.

Then, apply some beard oil to keep the beard soft and shiny. Especially when you’re drying with an air dryer, I suggest to use oil before going on. 

The other way is to dry it with a hot air dryer after rubbing, especially when you’re going to get a curly beard straight with a round brush. Check this video how I do it

That’s it! If you follow these simple instructions, you made a big step towards a soft, groomed and shiny beard and i‘m sure you gonna get loads of compliments!

How is your routine? How often do you use beard wash? Let us know in the comments section!


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