[Guest post] 5 Fashion Tips to Suit Your Beard

Fashion tips for the bearded men - Photo by Louis Blythe 199659

It’s known that bearded guys are famous for their impeccable style and trendy fashion combos, which is exactly what makes them so popular in the fashion industry. However, there are still men who aren’t sure how to dress properly for their beard, so stay with us if you’re one of them. Here are five useful fashion tips on how to suit your beard, so check them out!

A plaid flannel shirt for the ultimate lumbersexual look

If there can be only one garment any lumbersexual is allowed to keep, it would definitely be a plaid flannel shirt. This shouldn’t surprise you at all simply because this piece is one of the most popular clothing items for a good reason – it’s trendy and attractive, and it can accentuate your perfectly sculpted muscles and abs in a really subtle yet effective way. This shirt will flawlessly suit your beard no matter what pattern and color you pick, so be sure not to skip it this season. Just match it with a good pair of jeans and some cool accessories, and your fashionable look is all done!

Going for a minimalist look is always a good idea

Fashion tips for the bearded men - Photo by Afa Ah Loo 416982
Fashion tips for the bearded men – Photo by Afa Ah Loo 416982

When it comes to the ultimate lumbersexual look, you’ve probably already noticed that there aren’t too bright colors, crazy prints, and funky logos. Well, that’s because lumbersexuals love to keep it minimalist. They can usually be seen in neutrals like black, white, and grey, and sometimes in muted greens and reds (because of those famous flannel shirts). However, these guys are huge fans of floral patterns, since these remind them of nature and everything that has to do with it.

Don’t forget to accessorize

A man who takes extra care of himself and his looks never forgets to accessorize, which is why you shouldn’t skip this step either. Lumbersexuals have a thing for hats, so make sure you have at least one in your wardrobe. Apart from being a fantastic accessory, it’ll also keep you warm and cozy this winter, which is a huge plus. Trendy leather bracelets will never go out of style, so get a couple of them if you already haven’t. The same is true for watches. Of course, you don’t have to look for some extremely expensive pieces – there are some classy yet affordable pieces that can do the trick as well.

Suit yourself up for a dose of elegance

Fashion tips for the bearded men - Photo by 252131
Fashion tips for the bearded men – Photo by 252131

Apart from the casual looks that incorporate trendy flannel shirts and quality jeans, there’s one more thing that perfectly suits any bearded guy’s appearance. Suits can look incredibly attractive and flattering on any man’s body, and especially when there’s a beard involved, which is exactly why you should get one as soon as possible. The most important thing you should take into consideration is fit, which is why picking classy custom suits is always a good idea. You’ll get a tailored suit that perfectly fits your body measurements this way, which will enhance your overall look even more.

Pick the right footwear

Another important part of your overall look is footwear, and the fact is that bearded men always pay extra attention to it. You will never see a lumbersexual in those ordinary white canvas shoes everyone’s wearing – those simply aren’t the thing for these guys. They love quality footwear that looks powerful at the same time, which is why boots are always their first choice. Apart from looking extremely masculine, a pair of good boots can also keep you warm this winter, which is another important thing for any self-conscious man. So, get your old-school leather boots and you’ll nail literally any combo, no matter the occasion and weather.

As you can see, there are so many styles and garments that can perfectly fit your beard and make you look even more attractive and stylish. Just bear our tips in mind and you definitely won’t make a mistake. You can find everything you need in our fashion guide, so stick to it and you’ll see a fantastic improvement!

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