[Review] Beardilizer Beard Wipes

Clean beard on the go: Beardilizer beard wipes review

Beard grooming products got super trendy – new items and brands are popping up every week. And now the grooming suppliers want you to get an even more clean beard life with so called “Beard Wipes” – simple cleaning tissues, soaked with a cleansing lotion, sold at a premium price. I ordered a pack of the Beardilizer Beard Wipes – read my review and my final verdict of this product.

The video review

Clean beard on the go?

You know that issue: eating a delicious ice cream when it’s 30 degrees outside can easily mess up your carefully groomed beard – faster than a look. People around you are instantly teased to start joking about your accident. Now, you could easily clean it up with a wipe. But – secret law – there is none.

Clean beard on the go: Beardilizer beard wipes
Clean beard on the go: Beardilizer beard wipes

Beardilizer has the answer to these problems in form of their brand new Beard Wipes. In a nutshell, you can clean your beard on-the-go and they are antibacterial.

What the producer says about Beardilizer Beard Wipes

Our beard cleansing wipes are easy to to use and carry while you’re out and about. With our all-new Beardilizer beard wipes, you can clean and protect your mane for ultimate hygiene.

Our pharmaceutical-grade formula was designed for disinfecting and reducing bacteria in a matter of seconds. Every ingredient was chosen carefully to result in the best product on the market.

Beardilizer beard wipes are enriched with a keratin and wheat proteins blend, as both ingredients are essential components of the hair system and thus play a key role in protecting skin and facial hair from UV, pollution and dryness.

It also contains Biotin, a vitamin that is both highly recommended and essential for beard care. D-Panthenol stimulates cell growth and improves hydration. Our wipes also contain an antibacterial agent to ensure optimal hygiene.

Antiseptic solution, antibacterial, hypoallergenic. Hydration and nourishment of the facial hair and follicle. Easy to carry on-the-go

(Text taken from the webshop)

<irony>I’m already blown away by the possibilities of such a simple product LOL</irony>

List of ingredients

According to the box, the product contains Aqua (Water), Alcohol Denat, Glycerin, PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Benzyl Alcohol, Phenoxyethanol, Parfum (Fragrance), Panthenol, Hydrolyzed Keratin, Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein, Sodium Benzoate, Citric Acid, Biotin, Sodium Hydroxide.

Clean beard on the go: Beardilizer beard wipes' list of ingredients
Clean beard on the go: Beardilizer beard wipes’ list of ingredients

The list is big enough and good to read. But PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil is an emulsion agent and according to Greenpeace one of the common micro plastics in cosmetics. Plus it’s greenwashed. -2 points in the overall ranking.


The box contains 10 separate Beardilizer Beard Wipes, each packed in a single sachet. It’s easy to open them.

Clean beard on the go: Beardilizer beard wipes contains 10 pieces
Clean beard on the go: Beardilizer beard wipes contains 10 pieces

The usage reminds a little bit of those refreshment tissues you get on long haul flights to clean hands after lunch. And this is what the beard wipes basically do: they leave a clean beard. Nothing else. That’s it.


Clean beard on the go: Beardilizer beard wipes have a fresh scent
Clean beard on the go: Beardilizer beard wipes have a fresh scent

They smell like a cleansing lotion with a fresh, manly scent. I liked the subtle fragrance – and it fades away after 5 minutes. The wipes leave a fresh feeling on the beard mostly caused by the scent.


7,99 USD / 9,90 CHF for 10 wipes. I got them at, but Beardilizer sells them in their own shop as well.

BTW: There are even more costly products like this out there. DEPOT (review of their beard wash) offers their “Disposable hygienic wipes for moustache and beard” at an insane 19,95 EUR. 


It’s easy to take one and open it. But i.m.h.O. it’s too much packaging for what you get.

Clean beard on the go: Beardilizer beard wipes - too much waste
Clean beard on the go: Beardilizer beard wipes – too much waste

Where to buy

I got them online at but I’m sure you can order them at your local markets too. Beardilizer has a nice webshop too, they sell them for 8 Dollars. Even I don’t like this product, it’s worth to check their other stuff btw.


I paid around 10 CHF for 10 wipes. In my opinion, that’s far too expensive compared to the result. I can also take a cheap pack of handkerchiefs and get a clean beard more or less for free.

I also don’t see the need for the additional and praised ingredients, because if you use a good beard oil every day, it will supply your beard with everything it needs.

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