A soft beard with these 3 simple grooming tips

Get a softer beard

A Soft beard – the never ending story. I’m sure all of you bearded guys get the same question over and over again: „Can I touch your beard?“. Even strangers you know just for a couple of seconds are not afraid of asking. 

And then – after the first touch of your face forrest – you get surprised faces. „Wow, that’s soft like a cloud! I didn’t expect that! I need to convince my hubby to grow one now, too!“

Well. The latter only happens if you take care about your beard daily and if you know the tricks of course. Or your beard is a softness miracle 😉 I will explain what you need to do in the following article. 

Before I start, a little note. These tips only work for longer beards. If you have only grown a shadow, or a length of some mm, the stubbles will stay hard as they grow fast and you cut them often. That said, you need some substance in your face. Let’s go!

#1 The beard wash

Get a soft beard: Beard wash
Get a soft beard: Beard wash – “Brisk 2-1 Bart Shampoo”

Wash your beard regulary with a beard wash. I use mine almost twice a week. Don’t use it daily, because the natural defense layer of the hairs could be damaged and the beard gets too dry. 

Also, the natural tallow which acts like a helping agent to get your beard soft is being washed out and that’s what you don’t want. For the other times you take a shower, just wash the beard with warm water. 

Take a little amount of the shampoo, lather the beard and wash it out with warm water. That’s it. You can then take a towel and rub the beard almost dry, or you can take a hair dryer but not too hot.

Also, check the label of the beard wash and avoid products containing micro plastics (Silicons, Parabene and friends). 

#2 The beard oil

Get a soft beard: Beard oil
Get a soft beard: Beard oil – “Bulldog Original Bartöl”

The next step is to use a good beard oil. It gives a nice shiny, well groomed look and the softness we want to get.

What oil should you use? There are a couple of options. First of all, you can buy one of the countless beard oils available in the shops out there. You can also use simple olive oil that’s in your kitchen, or, what’s even better, make an oil yourself. It’s super simple, I explain it in the following video:

Best moment to apply the oil is after the shower when the beard is still a bit wet. But it also works on dry hair of course. Just don’t use too much, it might look too greasy.

Application is easy – simply spread some drops in your hands and knead it into the beard. Done. This already helps a lot on the way to get a soft beard. 

I also recommend you read the “Ultimate Beard Oil Guide” from my blogger-friend Niall Sullivan as well, with tons of information about beard oil. Alternatively, you can also you a beard balm

#3 Use a brush to get a soft beard 

Get a soft beard: Beard brush
Get a soft beard: Beard brush

My favorite tip for today is the daily usage of a brush for a couple of reasons, but also only for longer beards (I would say starting at 4 cm or so). 

I brush my beard at least twice a day. In the morning after using the beard oil. And some time in the evening (before I go out for instance). I also brush it before I go to bed. 

Brushing massages the face skin and it stimulates the production of tallow. Tallow covers the hair and protects it against environmental influences. It also softens the beard naturally. By brushing, you also spread the tallow on the beard. Plus it shapes!

Just choose a brush with harder bristles. I use one made of pig bristles. Soft ones don’t stimulate the tallow production at all. 

Use these tips regulary and you will get the softest soft beard on earth 🙂 Also check my grooming toolbox to get more info about the mentioned products. 

Do you use any other products or techniques to get the same or even a better result? Leave your comments below!


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