[Review] Tabula Rasa Aftershave Gel ohne Duftstoffe

Tabula Rasa Aftershave Gel

I was a huge fan of “Dr. Harris Arlington Aftershave Milk“. It smells good and the milky consistence avoids skin irritation after shaving my head. And believe me, my shaves are lightning fast so the skin really needs to calm down afterwards. But I recently noticed the observance of the preservative Parebene, so started looking out for alternative products and found the Tabula Rasa Aftershave Gel. 

The trigger to put it in the cart was a formula without fragrances and colorings. Seemed to be made for sensitive skin! Plus it listed no micro plastics. Yay!

What the maker says

The manufacturer, “1000&1 Seife” from Berlin, operates a shop, but there is no description of the product itself. The merchant,, says (translated from German) about Tabula Rasa Aftershave Gel:

“The Tabula Rasa Aftershave without fragrances & colors and no menthol. Suitable for all wet-shaving men who can’t or don’t like fragrances. With additions of Triticum Vulgare (Wheat) Germ Extract, Saccharomyces Cerevisiae Extract, Sodium Hyaluronate, & Scutellaria alpina.

4-6 drops from the pump dispenser are sufficient for a complete application. The gel melts slightly on the warm skin surface and absorbs within a few seconds – it remains a pleasantly relaxed and dry skin feeling back.”

Check of ingredients

Tabula Rasa Aftershave Gel list of ingredients
Tabula Rasa Aftershave Gel list of ingredients


Triticum vulgare is known to be a good skin defenser. Nice. But Carbomer is known to be made from oil and in fact it’s micro plastic, wasting nature and body. It also contains little amount of Benzene solvents, plus Tetrahydroxypropyl Ethylenediamine. And PEG-7 Glyceryl Cocoate is a greenwashed Polyethylene Glycol. 

In my opinion, those substances are completely displaced in a product claiming to be made especially for sensitive skin. They are actually wrong in every care product – Dr. Harris Arlington Aftershave, for instance, contains the critical Parabene. Hence it makes -2 to the plastic aspect of my overall rating.

You could ask now why bought this product even I know it contains micro plastics. Well. The list of ingredients on both the merchant- and manufacturer’s website were different! There was no word about Carbomer and I forgot to crosscheck after the order was delivered.

The list of ingredients on the bottle also includes Menthol, the website doesn’t. Maybe the recipe of the Tabula Rasa Aftershave Gel was optimized after production, as the bottle was filled in 2016. Maybe I gonna send them a mail asking to correct the description on their website.


The reason to buy this one was the absence of fragrance, and there’s nothing more to say here – it just doesn’t smell.

Handling & consistence

Tabula Rasa Aftershave Gel consistence
Tabula Rasa Aftershave Gel consistence

Handling is easy because of the nice pump bottle. Each time you pump, some drops are released. To treat my whole head, I needed of course some more than “4-6 drops”, I needed the amount you see on the photo.

Consistence is pretty thick, I liked it. It’s not runny, it stays on your hand until it’s being dispensed on the shaved skin.

Result using the Tabula Rasa Aftershave Gel

Tabula Rasa Aftershave Gel result
Tabula Rasa Aftershave Gel result

As a result, I got a short lasting effect of softened skin, due to the Hyaluronate additives. in conclusion, the product does what aftershave should do: calm down the skin and leave no irritations afterwards.


I bought the 50ml bottle of the Tabula Rasa Aftershave Gel for 25 CHF plus shipping at, which is around 21 Euro at the time of writing this article. 1000&1 Seife offers it for 19,95 EUR plus shipping cost. I guess that price tag positions the product somewhere in the lower midprice field.

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