[Update Jan. 2018] My grooming toolbox

I’m frequently asked about my preferred grooming and trimming tools. Here we go 🙂

[Update Jan. 2018] I added a round brush to the toolbox.

[Update Oct. 2017] I own a brand new trimmer, a comb, and I use some new care products. 


Beard brush and Gillette Razor

I know, some guys might think about system razors as kinda unprofessional. But they are just practically to use in my daily routine, as I have really no time to struggle with open blades and I’m usually in a rush in the morning. And with safety razors, you need practice, silence and time. And the latter I don’t have.

Well, I’m using a simple Gillette model named “Fusion” since a couple of years. I rarely get cut by the blades and it’s easy to use. I change the blades pretty often because I also shave my head with the same blade. I use one maybe 6-7 times and then they start to scratch. Sometimes I use one way wet shavers (i.g. on a trip), but they irritate my skin and I get more micro injuries around the Adam’s apple.

Shaving brush

Shaving brush

I am using a brush made from badger hair to foam up the shaving soap. It’s from German specialist “GoldDachs”. I was using a cheaper brush before, but the loose of hair on the soap was so annoying that I invested some money in this good (but still one of the cheaper) model.

Shaving soap & soap bowl


A good bowl is needed to bring the foam to a real thick texture that keeps foamy even after some minutes. Mine is made from porcellain and it has 2 separated champers, which is sometimes pratical to hold the brush. Normally, each soap manufacturer offers bowls sized especially for their soaps. I recommend to buy one that you can use with all kind of soaps.

Top reason for a porcellain model: I can clean it in the dishwasher 🙂

Well, the shaving soap … I have different ones at home, they all give different textures and smells, some have a long lasting foam, some give a super slippy film on you head. You need to try this out yourself!



I bought this for a cheap couple of bucks in the supermarket. Be sure that the scissors are equipped with small barbs, they make it easier to cut single hairs as the metal is less elusive. For beginners, I recommend to start trimming with scissors instead a machine, as the risc of wrong cutting is much lower.

Beard trimmer

After my Philips consumer machine gave up life, I bought a new trimmer from Wella. Read more about this semi-professional cutter here

Shaving Oil


For a perfect preparation, you can apply an oil before shaving. I’m using this oil for both head and beard shaving plus finishing my beard.

Beard brush & Simple comb


Real essential equipment! Use a good brush to crew your beard once a day for 2-3 minutes. The grease on your skin is spread over your beard, makes it shiny and well looking. Regular brushing also increases the sebum production.

A comb I use to straigten up hair before trimming, remove knots and detect the long spiky hairs popping up.

My new comb

I treated myself with a pretty nice, new fibre-comb this summer – you can read more about on this page

Round brush

My round brush
My round brush

I don’t know how I handled my beard without this magic item! It’s essential to get rid of a wavy beard – check out this video I made last month.

After shaves & treatments


Especially for the neck area around the Adam’s apple, I recommend to use a mild after shave. This avoids razor bumps and reduces skin irritations. For balded guys like me, it’s also essential to moist the skin after shaving the head with a good after shave.

Beard balm

Oak Beard Balm

I replaced the Uppercut Deluxe Beardbalm with this product from OAK. I so love it! It has the perfect texture and gives a shiny, soft beard. A longer review is still on my agenda as well as the OAK Beard Wash. 

I also use a beard balm I made myself! It has a super gentle scent (Grapefruit and some Woods), I completely know what’s inside and it’s super easy to make. It also makes a super shiny beard – but I love to have varieties, so I use both the OAK product and my own. 

Beard Balm hand made

Beard Wash

I used to wash my beard twice a week with the “Selective Professional all in one wash” (you can see it on the picture with the shaving oil above), but when I quit my old job end of Spring, the team gifted me with a couple of Depot grooming products including a beard shampoo. I am not sure If I gonna rebuy when it’s empty – I got the feeling the other wash got my beard a bit softer. Well. Nuances 🙂

Depot - The Male Tools & Co. product range

Barbering accessories 

I also completed my little barbering equipment to trim friend’s beards with paper ruffles and a hair cutting rape, you can see both items here.


Beard addicted, graphic designer, project manager, teacher, cat lover, coffee drinker, iphoneographer and photographer, instagramer, blogger, world traveller, eater, cook and a happy bear. Born in Germany, living in Switzerland. I hope to share my passion for beards with the help of this blog with you. Enjoy :)

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