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Instructor‘s log: 29 Dec 2017 – plus review of 2017

Instructor's Log: 29 Dec 2017

Time for the very last sidebeard-selfie and a short review of 2017.

After I went to my Barber last week, I’m still very pleased by the shape of my beard and I’m ready for the upcoming New Year celebrations. Nothing more to say about. 

What else happened in 2017? Well. A lot!

Blog numbers 2017
Blog numbers 2017

First of all, I am pretty proud about the constant growing audience of my website. In December, I reached almost 2/3 more readers than 3 months earlier! Of course, compared to other established (and bigger) grooming blogs, these numbers are relatively small, but I am very pleased about the progress of my page when you keep in mind that it’s just my little hobby.

There were a number of activities that helped to push these numbers across the year. The latest is a collaboration with Peter Minkoff, an author from the UK who also writes for “The Beard Mag“. He published a nice guest post about beard care during wintertime and there is more from Peter in the pipeline.

I also started an (unfrequent) series of short interviews with beardos from all over the world. Niall Sullivan was just the latest guy I interviewed (and in exchange, I answered his questions as well).

But the blog is only a part of its sum! Because I love the whole field of barbering and everything around, I took a grooming course earlier this year, began to build a (semi) pro equipment and started to trim my friends beards.

Barber Joey
Barber Joey

Last but not least I’m working on a super exciting new project which will launch in the next few weeks. I can’t say much at this point (yeah, it’s a lil secret), I just want to quickly introduce my new buddy “Barber Joey” to you – believe me, he’s going to be famous (well, I hope so LOL)! More on this soon.

Let’s close this interesting and very exciting beard-year for now. I wish y’all a healthy and successful new year and a big thank you for being a reader of my blog!


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