My Christmas gifts: Beard conditioner , Versace fragrance and other grooming stuff

This year's gifts: Fragrance, conditioner, shower gel

What else can a beardo get gifted with than grooming products ? This season’s yield was (unsurprisingly) much more beard related than the years before – which I answered with my famous , home made beard balm of course 🙂

The Fuzzy Duck shower gel - man sized :)
The Fuzzy Duck shower gel – man sized 🙂

Let’s start with this one . My lovely bf gave me this super nice shower gel from “The Fuzzy Duck” (couldn’t find a link to their website) . Never heard of that brand ! The sandalwood-scent is pretty nice , but what sets it really apart from other products is the “man-size” , it really looks like a manly bottle of Whiskey . Not only for beardos a good choice !

Macho Beard Company leave-in conditioner
Macho Beard Company leave-in conditioner

Next is this “leave-in” beard conditioner from the “Macho Beard Company” . The creamy , thick consistence and the usage reminds me of the “Great British Grooming Beard Thickener Serum” I reviewed earlier this year (which is nothing more than a conditioner) . I quickly tried it out this morning as a replacement of the conditioner I’m currently using , and the result was good . The only complain is the dosage : it’s a bit unpractical to get the right amount out of the big bottle opening .

Versace fragrance
Versace fragrance

My mum gave me this nice fragrance set ” Versace Dylan Blue ” . It contains a shower gel plus a 50 ml bottle of Eau de Toilette . I love the scent – it contains grapefruit , bergamot , black peppers , musk and incense . Exactly my world . It seems to be a fragrance that’s not outstanding , but suitable for all-day usage , a little bit artificial , but nicely done to be mass-appealing . I will give it a try soon .

Safety Razor
Safety Razor

Last but not least , I gifted myself with this unspectacular new safety razor . My Gillette ProGlide was running out of blades last week , but refills for this system are super expensive and i.m.h.o. they don’t offer huge advantages compared to cheaper white label products . Thus , I opted for these ones I found at German “Edeka” supermarket . I might post a little review after some shaves .

Lots of gifts . But it doesn’t end here 🙂 I just ordered some items at – Dr. Harris Aftershave Milk , some shaving towels , and more . Will keep you posted !

Did you get some grooming gifts too ? Let me know in the comments below !


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