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I was at the barber last night and I’m in love with my beard <3

My fresh trimmed beard

I just need to share this little selfie with you guys. My brother is going to marry at the end of the week, thus I wanted to look good and I went to the barber last night. Lukas did such a brilliant Job, I totally love the shape of my beard now.  It got trimmed at The Barber Paradox, my favorite barber in Zurich central. Worth every Rappen 🙂 Great job!


Beard addicted, graphic designer, project manager, teacher, cat lover, coffee drinker, iphoneographer and photographer, instagramer, blogger, world traveller, eater, cook and a happy bear. Born in Germany, living in Switzerland. I hope to share my passion for beards with the help of this blog with you. Enjoy :)

2 comments on “I was at the barber last night and I’m in love with my beard <3

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