[Let’s talk beardo] Niall from UK: “Beards are much more of a fashion accessory”

Niall Sullivan

Some days ago, I started chatting with a blogger from UK. His website features tons of content about beards and grooming and I like Niall’s stuff a lot – so why not share our passion? I did a little interview for him, so he did a little for me. Thanks Niall :=)

Let’s talk beardo !

When did you start growing your beard ?

I first grew my beard at university. At the time, my main reason for doing so was to save money on razors! However, after leaving university my passion for all things beard related grew, (pardon the pun,) and I became even more interested in all of the different beard styles and products that are out there.

How came ?

Initially there were a few reasons I guess, with number one being that I was too lazy to shave. But also, I found that a beard is a great way to hide a double chin!

However, as my interest in beards got bigger, I began to appreciate how having a beard made we look older and more masculine. Also, with not many of my friends, family and colleagues having beards, I also felt a bit more unique in the way that I looked.

Do you use any specific care products to keep it maintained?

My main go-to products are my beard oil and brush. I use the oil each morning to keep my beard smelling good and the skin underneath it moisturised. I then use the brush to help distribute it evenly throughout my beard.

I also use a special beard shampoo once a week to ensure that it stays clean. However I am a bit cautious using this too much as it tends to irritate the skin underneath my beard with daily use.

How often do you trim ?

Usually I am trying to grow my beard as long as possible so not very often! When I do fancy a more groomed look, I would usually trim once a week at most.

Any problem areas ?

I have been very fortunate in the fact that I have been able to grow a full beard from a reasonably young age.

However, the one problem I have encountered is my moustache. When I was about 17/18, the left side would connect with the bottom part of my beard, while the right side wouldn’t. This made it look a little lopsided! In time though, the problem seemed to fix itself which just shows, patience is everything!

Your ultimate growing-tipp for total beard newbies ?

Patience! I read a lot of messages and tweets from guys who simply give up too early when trying to grow a beard. Most do this because it itches too much or that their beard is too patchy.

My advice is to grow it for at least 3 months before you make any decisions. Once you get to that stage, you can see whether the patches have filled in and can make a balanced decision about whether a beard suits you or not. Getting through the itchy stage is well worth the effort!

What do you think of beards as a trend ? Do you follow ?

I know that a lot of people think that the beard trend has peaked, but in my opinion, it is only going to get bigger.

Beards are much more of a fashion accessory these days. With all of the different styles, you can give yourself a different look in seconds just by switching from a full beard to a goatee for example.

I also see more and more beard products being produced than ever before which to me shows that beards are sticking around for some time to come!


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