[Let’s talk beardo] Ariel from Israel: “Give time to do it’s thing!”

Let's talk beard: Ariel from Israel

Let’s start week number 44 with a short interview I did with another guy from Israel. Thank you Ariel for answering my questions 🙂 Let’s talk beardo:

When did you start growing your beard ?

When did i start to grow my bread … Ummm , i think it was on 06/09/2017 , so its been a month and a half for me. At first i did some newbie mistakes, like shave and trimming the beard at my jaw lines. After a while and toooooo many questions i asked people with long beards, i just gave the jaw line to grow, and only cleaning (trying to clean) the neck area. Waiting for another month to go for the first time to a professional barber.

Do you use any specific care product to keep your beard in shape ?

I’m using a beard oil, the oil is based on jojoba oil and black caviar, also im using an homemade balm (don’t know what is based on, sorry … but I can ask if you like), im washing my beard (really works for me …) with my kids shampoo and conditioner (very very low salt), and ummmm … waiting for my beard combs to arrive that I ordered from Ali Express, at the moment using a nice plastic comb I purchased from a beauty shop. And thats it it think …

How often do you trim ?

I don’t trim at all !, at least not at the moment, as my friend (who has a long beard ….) told me to stop messing around with the beard and just let it grow for about 3 months then to go to a barber for guidelines. So i’m just cleaning (trying not to mess up my beard) the neck line … and also shaving my head 🙂 (Bald guys rules !) (Note from Matthias: Yasss! True!).

Any problem areas ?

Ummmm ….. I think my bottom of the jaw, not growing that fast 😛 , oh and also … dunno really what to do with my sideburns, i got a curly hair, and as they get longer and longer, its hard to set them tight =/

Your ultimate growing-tipp for total beard newbies ?

Never give up ! And to set a goal, give time do it’s thing …. oh and use beard products …. keep it clean ! , don’t scratch if it itches, just comb it away.


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