[Let’s talk beardo] Tidhar from Tel Aviv: „Just grow it!“

Tidhar from Tel Aviv

Let’s talk beardo! This new series of posts brings you little interviews with bearded guys I met across the social media sphere. Today, it starts with Tidhar Ben David, a fully equipped beardo from lovely Tel Aviv. Thanks Tidhar for answering my little questionnaire!

When did you start growing your beard?

I’ve always had kind of a trimmed beards, I never liked to be shaved. But in the past two years im constantly growing it, after a few years back i tried but I gave up after a few months, cause of the part where its no longer a close beard. Not yet a full volume beard either, and it looks awful. I guess people experience this stage when they grow long hair. Its a highly risky stage. Thank god im over it.

Do you use any specific care product to keep your beard maintained?

I tried using home made oil cocktail, which I got the recipe from a friend who has a beard for years. But i stopped. Too much oily hands when you stroke it… I cant bare it. So today I just shampoo and comb it twice a week.

How often do you trim?

I don’t trim it that often. Maybe once every two months. Just the loose edges, and the side burns. Just to get it in place, but im growing it … and I love the curls I get, they help getting into shape. So I don’t trouble so much as I used to. Love it the natural way.

Any problem areas?

I don’t trim my mustache, so I keep it out of the food … and while kissing. And most of my growth is from below the chin, and not on the face (my mustache isn’t connected to the rest of the beard).

Your ultimate growing tipp for total beard newbies?

Just grow it … simply and naturally and be patient.

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