[Update] Whats in my cart? Morfose two phase conditioner and a brush

Morfose two phase conditioner

I am susceptible for new products, I know. I’ve been at “Ra Barbershop” in Düsseldorf yesterday and was totally amazed about a product that they used for hair straightening: “Morfose two phase conditioner”.

Yeah, it sounds kinda needless, I know. And yeah, the bottle looks a bit like a window cleaner. But a couple of sprays on the beard really softened up the hair and by using a hair dryer, my wavy hairs were being tamed:

Morfose two phase conditioner results
Morfose two phase conditioner after the barber visit

Incl. the nice wooden round brush (that I never saw somewhere else … usually, they are made entirely of plastic) I payed roundabout 15 Euro I guess; I can’t exactly say because I forgot to take the final invoice.

I will post a complete review soon – because, the result at the barber shop was great, but I’m curious if I can get the same good look with it.

[Update Dec 12, 2017] I made a short video that explains how to use the conditioner. Watch it here

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