[Review] Wella contura beard and hair trimmer – first impressions

Wella contura beard trimmer

A couple of weeks ago, I was working on the beard of a friend when the trimmer suddenly stopped working in the middle of the session – the battery ran out of energy. No notification – it just stopped working.

I was lucky that my home mate lend me his pretty new trimmer to complete my work. It was a product from „Wella“ called „contura“. I was already thinking about a replacement of the old Philips for a longer time – during a training some months ago I worked with a pro machine from “Wahl” and I wanted to buy one as soon as my old one would break. But I have to say, the „Wella“ machine was so compact and good in my hand that I decided to get that one instead the „Wahl“. And it was a good decision. 

What’s In the box?

You get the trimmer, the charging station, a power cable, a little maintenance oil, one length extension, and a cleaning brush.

Wella contura beard trimmer package contents

Product features 

  • Precision steel blade for high cutting accuracy
  • 128 gramm for easy handling when cutting
  • Clips to blades Stylish Women and Men’s Hair Cutting
  • Quiet and low vibration for comfortable operation
  • Chrome Case
  • 30 mm knife Width
  • Comb Attachment – Creates precise blending
  • Colour: Chrome/Silver
  • Charges in 1,5 hours
  • Runs about 35 min per charge (which makes it only interesting for semi-professionals if you ask me – after one beard cut, it needs to get charged for 1,5 hours as it can’t be used while charging)


I like some details of the product. For instance, the knife can be detached for cleaning – the tool to do this is handily placed at the bottom of the charging station. 

Wella contura beard trimmer details

The machine lies super comfortable in your hand which makes it a joy to use. It’s not too light and not too heavy – perfect weight and a very nice shape makes it easy to handle. 

Wella contura beard trimmer details

Very precise cutting results. I will post some pictures soon. 

To charge, the trimmer is simply placed into the station and a red LED indicates the charging process. Super easy. BUT!

Wella contura beard trimmer details


You always need to use the station to charge the trimmer. That’s a big downside for me – I love traveling with light weight hand luggage only and space is limited. It would be much better to charge with a simple cable only. But that’s the price you pay for the comfort I guess. 

There is also no travel pouch! That’s really uncool as I am afraid the knife might be damaged in my toilet bag. 

There is also no indication that a charge was completed. The LED stays always red – you can just guess if the battery is fully loaded or still needs some more time to get fully recharged. 

For what can you use it? 

First. Let me say that this is a dedicated machine for conture defining. The knife is 30mm wide, that’s pretty slim compared to other trimmers but it makes it really easy to shape the beard contures. And there is only one fixed brush extension to adjust the trimming length. I am still using it for full beard trims, but the missing length extensions makes it hard to trim longer beards especially for beginners. 

Wella contura beard trimmer details

The maximum length is about 6 mm, which may be too short for some people. There are three “clicks” giving different length settings, up to the maximum of about 6 mm, but there is no indication of exactly what these length are – that is left up to the user to experiment with.


My first impression is good – nice design, good handling, compact machine. But it is not made for everyone, especially if you want to trim a beard longer than 6mm you need some experience to get a good result. 

I gonna use the machine for a couple of weeks now and update this review with my final thoughts later this fall.
EUR 97,80 (at the date of writing this review)


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