[Review] dm Drogeriemarkt – Bulldog natural beard oil

Bullfrog natural beard oil from dm

I’ve been on a trip to Germany last weekend. „dm“ is one of the big drugstore chains there and they discovered male grooming products as a promising and growing niche, so everytime I stop by, the range of beard products seems to be bigger than before.

And I’m teased to buy stuff I don’t need of course 😀

This time, I opted for a new beard oil branded „Bulldog – Original Bartöl“, priced at 5,95 EUR for 30ml, bought at dm in Düsseldorf Pempelfort. 

From the dm Website (sorry, German only):

„Das Bulldog Original Bartöl enthält Aloe Vera, Leindotteröl und grünen Tee. Es wurde speziell entwickelt, um den Bart zu zähmen, ihn weich und geschmeidig zu machen. Das Bartöl enthält keine künstlichen Farbstoffe und synthetischen Duftstoffe.“

The first thing I noticed was the packaging of this product. While I like well done designed boxes and bottles a lot, I think we should also think about  aspect of environmental protection. And in my eyes, this “average only” oil applies too thickly. The paper box is not necessary, a nice bottle would be  enough to say what needs to be said about the product and to convince be to buy it. And what’s more, the box is designed much higher than the bottle actually is, which uses more space in transportation, more material then needed and the consumer is being deceived. I don’t like – because the focus of this item is to be natural and to deliver a natural product. 

Bullfrog natural beard oil from dm

Bullfrog natural beard oil from dm

Bullfrog natural beard oil from dm

On the plus side, I checked the list of ingredients and found only natural things in there. Argania, Sunflower and almond oils, plus a lot of other seed oils. Gives shine on my beard, which I like, but that’s what I at least expect from a beard oil. The scent is kinda fresh, a little lemon is in there – the list only says that the fragrance is a blend of different natural ingredients so I can’t say what’s really in there. 

Bullfrog natural beard oil from dm list of ingredients

All in all, I can imagine this oil to make a nice little gift for a beardo because of the packaging and design. It contains some good oils and it’s only made of natural ingredients – I think for the price a 6 Euro, it’s a good product. Plus – it’s vegan 😉 If that’s important for you. 

glass bottle
dm Germany
5,95 EUR


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