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New stuff in barber’s toolbox: a fibre comb

My new comb

Sometimes you just need to replace some old stuff. And sometimes you just want to treat yourself with something nice and new. This time, I had a stop at my favorite Swiss grooming store and thought it’s time for a new comb – I already have some of course, but only small ones.

I got this new comb at – priced at CHF 29.00 it comes together with a very nice leather sleeve. 

My new comb in the leather sleeve
My new comb in the leather sleeve

The pinks are pretty smooth which is important for latin curly beards. There are no edges or seams which makes this comb a joy of use every day. And it’s app. 20cm long. 

I should update the toolbox page as well as I gonna get a brand new beard trimmer and some other cool grooming stuff tomorrow. Stay tuned!


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