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What’s in my cart? A new beard trimmer and some grooming accessories

What's in my cart ?

In the middle of my latest grooming session, my good old Philips beard trimmer suddenly stopped working. The battery ran out of energy, but the machine never gave we a hint on that in advance.

I realized it’s finally time to buy a new one – because I’m trimming more and more friend’s beards and I don’t want to risk to run out of power with unfinished works. 

Wella contura hair trimmer
Wella contura hair trimmer

I was thinking about a Wahl Detailer first, as many professional barbers are using one, but my home mate lent me his Wella contura to finish the Sunday trim and I was totally convinced. It is wireless, which means it loses power after a while. This might be a no go for a pro, but for my purposes, it’s a good choice as my home is not well equipped with power supplies and I love to be free of cables. I purchased the machine at for nearly 100,00 EUR, I will write a review as soon as it arrives. 

Together with the trimmer, I ordered some accessories to make the trim experience more comfortable:

Hair brush to remove stubbles and hairs from face and neck

Hair brush
Hair brush

A hair cutting cape – I have a black one, but it’s nearly impossible to see contours of dark beards on that

Hair cutting cape
Hair cutting cape

Plus some paper ruffles to keep hairs away from customers necks

Paper ruffles
Paper ruffles

I gonna test these products and write some reviews soon. 

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