Barbers & Beards – old school clothing brand from Greece

Barbers & Beards - Old School Clothing Tee

A couple of days ago, I got a smart gift brought from Greece island Skiathos. It’s a lovely tee from the Greece label Barbers & Beards – Old school clothing  

I am sharing this with you, because there are so many poorly designed shirts out there and this company offers really outstanding products – good in design and good in quality. This black shirt is made of super soft 100% cotton and has a thick, long lasting (i hope so) print on the front. 

Barbers & Beards T-Shirt
Barbers & Beards T-Shirt

What’s even more, and what I really like as well: the shirt is a local product and was made 100% in Greece. 

Barbers & Beards made in Greece
Barbers & Beards made in Greece

Unfortunately, they have no onlineshop right now and I don’t know where to order – my request on their Facebook page wasn’t answered yet. I will update this post as soon I get a reply.

Here is some additional information about the “Barbers & Beards” brand taken from their Facebook page:

“The idea for a New Brand was born out of the need for a new product that will be loved by the general public of men who like to stand out in style, both in his clothes and in his personal grooming enjoyed by his beloved barber. So in 2015 the idea for Barbers & Beards Clothing was born, the garment which will be inspired by the culture and the great history of Barber’s!”

What do you think about their range? 

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