Instructor's log

Instructor’s log: 7 July, 2017

Instructor's beard: 7 July, 2017

It’s been a while I posted a picture of my beard, I know. It’s been a while in general I posted stuff here. But my blog is still alive – more than ever, I’m working on some new ideas, the layout changed today (thanks Elmastudio, your templates are wonderful!) and I gonna push this place in the forthcoming months. 

The series “My beard week” got a new tag, it’s renamed to “Instructor’s log”. I want to continue this weekly with a little modified concept: til now, I wrote about the past weeks happenings together with a picture of my current beard.

Starting today, I’ll only post a selfie of mine plus a little explanation about the beard. The original idea of this series was to create a page where visitors of the blog could see how my beard developed from week to week by posting a selfie every 7 days. I think this idea will be better reflected by this new format. The page will come soon 🙂

Have a nice weekend!


Beard addicted, graphic designer, project manager, teacher, cat lover, coffee drinker, iphoneographer and photographer, instagramer, blogger, world traveller, eater, cook and a happy bear. Born in Germany, living in Switzerland. I hope to share my passion for beards with the help of this blog with you. Enjoy :)

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