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Making my own beard balm

During research works for a group project earlier this year, I realized how often (micro) plastic material is being used to produce cosmetic products like toothpaste, showergel and – you got it – grooming products. 

Of course I checked my favorite products and I found out that most of them contain some kind of plastic ingredients. While one could think “Why is this so important? Such a small amount of plastic is not a big deal”, I personally think we should avoid those microplastics whenever we can because they are getting into the food circle and back to your own body in form of the next burger you gonna eat. The long-term effect of microplastics to the human body is not really explored yet. 

But there is also the fun aspect of making your own stuff! As you might know, I love fragrances and scents. Making my own beard balm will give me the opportunity to let it smell exactly the way I want. I just remember the “Uppercut Beard Balm Coconut” – it was a good product but the smell of the coconut was too much for me and I whished “this one is perfect, just no coco please”. Now I can 🙂

Last but not least it’s much much cheaper! Compared to usual prices for 50ml of a good beard balm, I will save around 60%.

So, I decided to create my own beard balm and I ordered the basic products for it today! Yay. 

  • Bee wax
  • Shea Butter
  • Basic oil (Jojoba, Almond)
  • Aetheric oil (Grapefruit, Veviter, Rosmary, Peppermint)

I can’t wait to get my hands on these and mix a smooth and rich balm now … I will keep you posted about the first results!


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