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[Review] The beard trimming and grooming course

Over the past months, Friday was usually the “state-of-my-beard post” day. But I’m currently re-structuring the blog concept and everything around, so today’s post differs from the regular scheme. But I still have some really cool stuff to tell you 🙂 

As some of you might know, I’m thinking about a professional barber education to build a little side-business or something like that. It is on my mind since 2 years, but I didn’t know how to start or how to combine with my regular job. Barbering seemed to be a cool and communicative profession to me, but shitty paid – I am currently working on a 100% employment and I can’t affort to earn 50% less on a high risc of starting over again from scratch.

To check out if my thoughts where right, I decided to go for an internship at my local barbershop first! For 7 hours, I was a 42 yo little trainee at “The Barber Paradox” in Zurich – folding towels, cleaning the floor, serve drinks, you get the idea. I was able to figure out daily routines of a barber, time and vacation plannings and the whole atmosphere of working in a real Barber Shop. Compared to my job as an IT Project Manager, this felt pretty simple, but also very charming as I love to communicate with people in all kind of ways. 

At the end of the day, I was very happy that I asked for this opportunity as I got a good picture of the job. I decided to take the next step: I wanted to take the scissors and trim someone elses beard! While it’s cool to be in a Barber Shop, observe the guys and get a feeling of their daily work, it was essential for me to know if I’d be able to do the “real thing” as well (which isn’t easy as you need a victim to try out).

Courtesy of Marina Russi, The Barber Paradox

So I checked in for a half-day barber course at the same place which ran last Sunday. After a short introduction about the basics – tools, products, history etc. – the main part was to trim and shave a model. This was really exciting! We ran through a complete session process – and as we have only been 2 participants in the course and the shop organized 3 models, we had been in the comfortable situation to have one model on his own for each of us. Maximum learning!

Joel, our Master barber, explained the whole procedure step by step and then let us work with our models. First the full beard-trim, then the shave of face contures and neck. While I trim and shave myself since years, it’s a very different thing to trim other’s beards. But I got familar with the tools very quickly and after a short time, I felt secure and comfy and started to get fun. And the customer was happy with the result! Even the shave with an open blade was successfully done. 

After this exciting adventure, I definitely want more and take the next step with my little “hobby”: doing a professional education next year and then maybe grow a little next-business. 

I will keep you posted!


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