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Instructor’s log: Feb-March 2017

My beard months: Feb-March 2017

Lord, what happened ? Its such a long time ago I posted something, I can’t believe. So much happened in the last months … especially to my beard!

Well. First of all: I decided to cut off some cm. Why? First off all, it reached a level where it was just hard to handle. It got just too long. Second, I discovered some old pictures where the beard was much shorter and I was surprised how good it looked. And third, I had an interview in the financial field so I decided to go more „serious“. 

So I decided to cut at least 4 cm off. In the beginning, I was really unhappy. I was so not used to THAT short facial hair and the cheek contures where ways too low! But after a couple of days, the cheek lines got higher and the beard looked much more of what I was hoping for. And after I got some compliments, I was happy again 🙂 I kept it that length until today, I think for now its the perfect shape. Sometimes I think the chin should be a little longer, but let’s see. 

Beside my beard, I did some investments in my hairy future and arranged a „trial“ day with my local barber „The Barber Paradox“. I joined the two guys there for about 6 hours – cleaning the floors, swiping hairs, watching them trimming and shaving, and get some information about their jobs. Pretty cool! 

Plus, I got a request for a little beard model job – will post about separately. 

Oak Beard Balm
Oak Beard Balm

What else? I bought some new products of course 🙂 Earlier I wrote about the maximum intense scent of the „Upper cut beard balm“. It stinks like so many concentrated coconuts that I was looking around for a neutral alternative balm for a while and finally found the „Oak beard balm“ – a very sticky and thick balm, I felt already in love after the first use. Review coming soon. 

Greetings from Zurich Airport where I gonna start my weekend now 🙂 Stay calm!


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