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Instructor’s log: 6 Jan, 2017

My beard week: 6 Jan, 2017

It’s Friday and this is the first beard post of the new year  – happy 2017! I was pretty busy with my blog over the past 2 weeks: bought new grooming products in Germany, made my thoughts about grooming on the go, cleaned my brush and gave you some tips for a perfect beard.

My beard. I noticed that the less gromming products I use, the better my beard looks! At the moment, I only use some drops of oil every morning and it just looks fantastic – deeper brown, shiny finish. No balm, no conditioner or whatever. I’m also happy with the current shape, but still, I made an appointment with my barber in 2 weeks. 

Which leads me to one of my 2017 intentions: I’m going to do a barber training! Not that I want to open a business or something 🙂 I just want to dive deeper into the field of grooming. It will happen in the 2nd half of the year and I still don’t know where. But I will.

What are your intentions for the new year?


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