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Travel equipment

I actually love traveling. Especially with small and light hand luggage – it’s just practical not to check it in and safe time, put all stuff into my suitcase backpack and have both hands free while at the airport or running to the next train. Because space is limited, I don’t take my full grooming equipment with me, only the most essential tools make it into my wash bag.

What’s inside?

Mr. Natty Shaving soap – practical solution for traveling. Because it’s a piece of soap, there’s no need to care about the 100ml safety limitation at the airport, plus it’s much more space efficient than liquid shaving soaps. I also use it as a beard shampoo, so I don’t need a separate cleanser product.

Savety razor – only when I’m on the road for more than 2 nights. Otherwise, I manage to shave the head the day before departure so I’m having a good bald for the following 2 days.

Brush – my lovely beard brush is a must for daily training.

Comb – after applying a balm for fixation, I roughly go through the beard with this comb to get it sorted.

Beard oil – must have, I use it daily. But only a little bottle 🙂

Uppercut beard balm – I tested this one and initially thought it smelled to much of coconut, but I actually got used to give my beard structure and fixation with it.

What grooming tools do you take on your journey? Let me know in the comments below.


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