Christmas gifts for beardos

No idea what to give a beardo for Christmas? On this page, I gonna compile some ideas during the upcoming days. If you have other noteworthy ideas, drop me a line!



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I don’t know about you, but everytime I trim my beard the bathroom is just  messed up – stubbles everywhere, I need to clean more or less the whole bathroom after finishing the trim. This stupid looking thing here seems to solve this problem! It’s a piece of mesh, one side you hang around your neck and the other side you stick on the wall in front of you (in case there is one, LOL). Now you can trim your beard and the stubbles fall down into the mesh. I am considering this 🙂

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Beard Brush

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I’m a big fan of beard brushes! The more you brush, the shinier and softer it gets. That’s because the thick bristles of the brush stimulate the face skin to produce more natural sebum and spread it into the beard – like a natural beard oil. Plus, the more you brush, the straighter the hair gets after a while. There are loads of different forms and sizes. This model from Oak is a good option for beginners, has a handy shape and comes in a nice gift packaging.

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Clothing is always a good idea for a wishlist – as long as you know the size of your beardo 🙂 This hoodie looks cool, is made of cotton and has stylish prints on front and back – with a statement. I love statements on shirts and pullovers. Especially when they underline the status of a beardo!

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Personalized stuff

bildschirmfoto-2016-12-05-um-15-58-51Another option are personalized items – you get the perfect individual gift! I am ordering at from time to time, they offer a good quality, cool printing-options and a fast delivery. Have a look at my very own “” Hoodie 🙂

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