[Review] The Great British Grooming Beard Wash, Beard Thickening Serum and Beard Balm

Earlier this week, I wrote about the new range of grooming products at Migros, „The Great British Grooming“. I also found the „Beard Thickener Serum“ yesterday and did some tests yesterday. In a nutshell: well. I don’t get the point of the product. I made a before / after shot so you can judge yourself. I don’t see a big difference between both pictures to be honest.

Beard Wash

But let me begin with the Beard Wash. The tube says: „Designed to cleanse and untangle your beard“

This shampoo is actually amazing: it has a pretty thick texture, not too runny, and a fantastic smell. The formula contains Argan Oil (as all products in the range) to moisturize the facial hair. I used a small amount, a size of a hazelnut, massaged it into the beard and rinsed it out. The foam production was little – I like foam, so I got a bit disappointed here but it’s not a deal breaker at all. My beard got soft and felt fresh after using this beard wash. I’m using the „All in one selective professional beard wash“ since a couple of years, but this one could be a great replacement as it’s cheaper and smells better.




Does it keep the promises? Yes.

Beard Thickening Serum 

After a couple of minutes, the beard got semi-dry and I started to apply the Thickening Serum.

The package promises: „Designed to help create a thicker fuller looking beard“


Whenever I read those promises, I get a bit sceptical – how should a simple creme make my facial hair thicker? The only way to do this is to cover the hairs with a layer of chemical substances, and that’s what’s happening here as well. After rubbing in a little amount of the serum, and after it got dry – yes, my beard felt thicker. But it didn’t look any different than before. What’s even worse is the smell, which is kinda chemical – like a professional hair stylist product – and doesn’t match the nice one from the beard wash. I don’t understand why two products of the same range, that are supposed to be used together, smell so massively different!


The texture is perfect for rubbing in, don’t worry it’s not what you might think 🙂 It’s not too thick and not too runny. It actually reminded me of another product of the „selective professional“- range I am using from time to time, It’s a beard mask with more or less the same effect.

Not sure yet if I’m going to use the Serum for my daily grooming. In my opinion, it’s too much – especially in combination with a balm or an oil (read below). The natural feeling of the beard disappears and gets covered by all the chemical substances. Ah yeah, and the effect of the serum only lasts a few hours, of course.

Does it keep the promises? Would say yes. The beard gets more fluffy and you can blow it up more than without, as the Serum works like a setting spray.

Which leads me to the last product I tested: „The Great British Grooming Beard Balm“.

Beard Balm

„Designed to nourish and condition your beard“, the balm comes in a nice can. It smells again like the beard wash – if you use the serum and than the balm, you get a confusing, strong mix of different scents. I have a very sensitive nose, and the smells here are disturbing any other scents for 30 minutes.


The balm itself, there is not much to say about. Rub it agains your inner hands and apply gently. The beard gets a glossy and soft finish, which makes people think your beard got treated by a pro (my experience). Together with the Serum effect, you can get your beard in a good shape.

Does it keep the promises? Well. I can’t check if my beard got „nourished“ from this balm but it makes it soft and glossy. You can also use some oil to get the same effect.

After I applied all 3 products, my beard felt “over-treated“ and covered with chemicals. In my opinion that’s too much, and I will go on using just some oil from time to time.

Here are the promised pictures – the first was taken before, the second after the procedure.




Not much to say about. Except the Beard Serum: it contains Styrol-Acrylat-Copolymer. This is one of the many types of plastics used in cosmetics, known as micro plastic, causing more and more environmental problems and it gets into the nutrition circle. The Styrol-Acrylat-Copolymer is used here as an opacifier.

No go: the list of ingredients is printed so small, that it’s nearly impossible to read. It seems the producer doesn’t want to show whats inside.


Beard Wash 200ml CHF 9,80
Beard Serum 100ml CHF 10,80
Beard Balm 50ml CHF 14,50

What do you think about the products? Like them? Let me know in the comments below.

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  3. I thought the balm was sloppy and vile.

    • I need to update this review, it’s been a while, my opinion changed a bit and I still need to update some older reviews with additional info about plastic inside. I used the balm just a few times for the review but it didn’t convince me.

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