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Migros offers a new range of grooming products: “The Great British Grooming Beard Oil”, “The Great British Grooming Beard Balm”, “The Great British Grooming Beard Thickening Serum” and “The Great British Grooming Beard Wash”. While most of Migros’ cosmetic products are made by their own M-Industry plants, these items seem to be imported from a british company, which is being reflected by the gentle british smell.

The “Thickening Serum” was the product I was really interested in, but it was sold out so opted for the 200ml beard wash (CHF 9,99) and the 50g beard balm (CHF 14,50). Grooming products (and cosmetica in general) are pretty expensive goods here in Switzerland, but these items offer a really good value and until now, I like the classic smell and the overall quality of both products. A nice addition to my grooming cabinet!

I was actually surprised to see these “niche” products in such a big retail store. Migros is the biggest retailer here in Switzerland. When they start listing a product, it usually means they see a worthwhile market. Does it mean, beard care reached the mass market? Maybe.

I will update this article as soon as I purchased the “Beard Thickening Serum”.

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