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Instructor’s log: 03 Nov, 2016

It’s interesting to browse the previous weekly selfies. I didn’t do anything with the beard since 2 weeks but it looks so different! I got sick for a week and just lazy to take care about myself. So, I just shaved the head last Wednesday. While the beard on the picture might look good, I am unhappy with the part at the left chin bone.  It looks kind undefined and messed, you don’t see it on the image. But I decided to let it grow a bit longer and then trim it down. 

Ah yay and just in case you 1000 readers of my blog are wondering: today is glasses Friday! 🙂 Have a good and healthy weekend!


Beard addicted, graphic designer, project manager, teacher, cat lover, coffee drinker, iphoneographer and photographer, instagramer, blogger, world traveller, eater, cook and a happy bear. Born in Germany, living in Switzerland. I hope to share my passion for beards with the help of this blog with you. Enjoy :)

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