[Product] Mootes beard balm and oil

Mootes Beard Balm and Oil

Last week I met Daniel, head of the team at, one of my favorite Swiss online-store for grooming products. I purchased a lot of items there since I started to grow my beard, but I was surprised to receive samples of their brand new, very own range of beard care products simply named “Mootes”.

I am always curious to try out new alternative care products, and so I used the balm today. It works as one would expect from a good beard balm: it softens the hair, gives a nice shine and my beard a nice structure while not being too greasy (which is often a problem with beard balms). What I don’t like much was the intensity of the smell. For my taste, it’s a bit too dominant. I don’t like the balm smell mixed with my daily fragrance. But at the end of the day it’s the same with all grooming products: you need to try out yourself as each beard and personal preferences are pretty different.

Here are some pictures for you:

Beside oil and balm, there is also a moustache wax and a wash available and the whole range comes in 2 different flavors. My samples came both in a fresh variation named “Sunset Ave”. I smell lemon and herbs, Grapefruits, Orange and Lemon. The second line is called “North Laine” which is a more fresh smell.

Oh, and all products are made in Switzerland 🙂

Beard Oil: CHF 113 / 100ml, CHF 34 / 30ml bottle Get yours here
Beard Balm: CHF 26 Get yours here


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