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[Video] 5 essential tips for dying a beard – plus tutorial

Recently, a guy on Facebook asked me how he could dye his beard, covering gray hairs but keeping the natural look. I have to say, I don’t dye my beard often, cos once you start, you constantly need to go on with it, and there is always a little risc of damaging hair and skin as dyeing is always a strong chemical procedure. Plus I’m a big fan of the more natural style, thus I always try to get a result that still represents the different natural nuances of my beard.

But he asked and I wanna give some tips for you. Dying your beard is actually more or less the same procedure than women do with their main hair, but there are a couple of small, yet important differences which I gonna explain below and in the embedded video “How to dye your beard”.

1 Use the right product

The most important fact: just don’t use normal hair colors for your beard as the hair structure is substantial different and the dyeing process might result in a totally wrong color. There are just a few products out there for dyeing your beard, „Just for men“ (Affiliate Link) is the one I’m using since years.

2 Choose a matching color nuance

Use the right color nuance matching your beard! Guys tend to choose a color that’s too dark as they are afraid brighter nuances won’t completely cover they grey hairs. Be sure: also the dark color is doesn’t’ give a 100% guarantee for that! Choosing a color too dark or completely different from the natural one leads to a pretty unnatural result.

3 Wash out after given time

The same what I said above. Please hold on the color instructions and don’t expand the time of exposure. It leads in most cases to unnatural, extremely dark results.

4 Start with the thick hairs

Always start with the chin hairs! Usually, these ones are thicker than the rest, so the color needs to have a longer influence. After you spread the color here, go on with the cheeks and the rest of you beard. This is important to get a uniformly result.

5 Keep it natural

Maybe the most important tip: don’t color too much and keep the appearance of your beard natural. If you dye it black but the rest of your hair is brown, it looks just not nice and people will see you dyed the beard. If you have head hair, the transition to the beard hair is also pretty difficult to master.

Have you ever dyed your beard? Leave your comments and experiences below!


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