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The beard library: Chin Curtain

Beard shape Chin Curtain

The world of beards. Inexhaustible! Starting today, I gonna present you another beard shape each week with a little description, so we’ll get a comprehensive nice beard library after a while. We gonna start with the Chin Curtain.

Family: On the chin
Best for: 25-50
I call it: Planet of the apes 🙂
Shape: Cropped beard that leaves the face free from anything else

Well. This is usually a traditional seafarer’s thing, but I see this kind of beard more and more here in Zurich. I guess it’s sported by reborn Christians, modern seafarers smoking a pipe and wearing knee socks, hairy naturists or guys visiting the college.

I think this shape is not the best choice for moon faces as they might seem to look even more round with hits beard.

What do you think? Do you like this shape?

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