Do I need a beard shampoo ?


Good question. As always, it depends on your face! If you have a x-day-old beard, I would say “no need”.  The stubbles will re-grow so fast that it makes no sense to use a shampoo. If you have a longer beard, I definitely recommend to use a beard shampoo maybe once or twice a week to keep the beard clean and knot-free, so you can easily brush and get it shiny.

As usual, you can find cheap and spendy shampoos. I tried some out, and again I cannot give a global advice here. Every beard has a different nature and so is each shampoo different to your hair. On my beard, some left an oily gloss which looked ugly, and some extremely drained the hair – but on your beard, it may have the opposite effect.  Just don’t use normal shampoo as beard hair is much thicker than head hair and needs a much more intensive treatment.

My favorite shampoo since a couple of years is the “All in one 15 in 1 beard shampoo“. Nice smell, affordable and it keeps my beard super soft.

What about you? Do you use a shampoo?

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